I recieved my invitation to Ravelry about a week ago. It is a great knitting/crocheting website. I know I could spend WAY too much time there. Come on and check it out at www.ravelry.com, and if you are there my username is knitaddicted. Add me to your friends and check out what I am up to! 

Sunshine Bath Poof Crochet Pattern

 This is what happens when you stay up until 2:30 in the morning crocheting. I have had this idea in my head for weeks (someone on a yahoo group I participate in asked for a pattern for a bath poof) and I sat down yesterday to design this:

Sunshine Bath Poof

With crochet hook (I used an "I") and crochet cotton (I used Peaches 'N' Cream in Daisy Ombre)

For the first portion, you will be working in the back loops to give you the front loops to work into later.

Join with slip stitch in first ch to form a ring
8 sc in ring, do not join
Row 1: 2 sc in back loop of each st (16 sc)
Row 2: *2 sc in back loop of first st, 1 sc in back loop of second st* repeat from * to * to end (24 sc)
Row 3: 2 sc in back loop of each st (48 sc)

Do not fasten off

Next round: 2 dc in back loop of all sts around.

Next: sl st down to front loops, 2 dc in all front loops (you will work in a spiral to the center of the piece

When you get to the center:

Ch 3, turn

1 dc in same st, then 2 dc in each st to outside ring. When you are on the outside ring, randomly slip stitch to the opposite side in order for the ruffles to form a secure ball.

When you reach the last st, slip st at the base of the first row of dc's.

Do not fasten off.

For ring to hang poof:

Ch 30, Slip stitch to the base of the first dc row, ch1, turn and slip stitch in each of the 30 chains.

Fasten off and tie in ends.

Please email me at j_c_d_wright@yahoo.com if you have any problems or questions with this pattern.

Enjoy! Would make a great gift!

BTW: My "model" is my daughter Samantha (6 months). She is so beautiful, but I'm biased! LOL *I think this poof is hers, as she loves to play with it already!*

Cables and Lace Kimono Wrap Cardigan KAL

So this is my first post because I can't find the cable for my camera in order to upload pictures of the tank that I started yesterday. When I find it, I will upload them...But anyway, I found this Knit-A-Long on the internet and joined it. I have been knitting for about six years now, but I have not done much with cables or lace, though I have learned how to...so I am jumping in head first since my therapist wants me to knit AT LEAST an hour a day without interruption (I'm not complaining!) because of the calming effect it gives me....I am just anticipating all that I can get done! Haven't really knit a lot since Devyn was born, and he's sixteen months now, with Samantha being four months now. I now get to knit with their father COMPLETELY responsible for them during that hour (or more). SO ANYWAY...I am posing it here....join it! Don't be afraid! Here is the link to find this KAL: http://knitsabeautifullife.com/kal/
Have an awesome day! :D